French Communist Party
Logo-parti communiste français-2005
Created: 1920
Political Ideaology: Communism
Leader Marie-George Buffet
International Affilation Party of European Left

The French Communist Party is currently the 3rd largest party in France. [1]. Despite this they are generally a small party with only 4 percent of the vote in the legislature elections and has since been forced to form a coalition with the Greens(who advocate Progressivism). While in it's hay day it obtained 20 percent of the vote regularly it has since steadily dropped since 1981. A decline in radicalism as well as the parties own turn away from Communism are often attributed to this. In 1946, just after ww2, it managed to gain the most ever at 182. Now it only holds 22 in the senate and 17 in the national assembly.

It is part of the Party of European Left.