Sun-yellow-statue-of-liberty-accessories design

The color yellow and the personification of Liberty are common symbols used by liberals.

is a poitical, social, and economic philosophy which places emphsis on individual liberty. Many liberals are repubublicans and support the election of some or all government leaders. Liberals view government leaders as having the same general obligation to follow the law as their subjects and as accoutable to their constituency. They tend to advocate freedom of conscience, religion, the press, and speech. Liberals see individuals and society as seperate entities. Economically, liberals are generally capitalists, though they do differ among themselves.The classical liberals are often free market capitalists while modern social liberals tend to advocate welfare capitalism. There are many other forms of liberalism, of course. Marx was a staunch opponent of liberalism as he was irritated by liberalism's distiction between society and the individual, though some self-descried Marxists such as Eduard Bernstein have attempted to reconcille Marxism and liberalism. The modern concept of social democracy is closely associated with left-wing social liberalism