Form of Left-Communism, in opposition to Leninism at the time of the 3rd international; also referred to as "Council Communism". It is a theory developed upon by Rosa Luxemburg and other founders of the German Spartakus Bund, which would later become the Communist Party of Germany. Council Communism holds onto most of the traditional views of Marxism, including the necessity of insurrection against the bourgeois capitalist state and world revolution. Where it breaks with Leninism is on the issue of economic organization after the revolution. Leninism sought a centralized "dictatorship of the proletariat" and vanguard party, but Council Communists sought a less-centralized alternative. They felt that each industry would be run by a workers’ council and this decentralized workers’ government would be managed by an executive council, similar to syndicalism. Luxemburgism never was attempted in the real world, and its ideas were later shadowed by the battle between "Stalinism" and "Trotskyism". However, most "Trotskyist" organizations at least give credit to the ideas of Rosa Luxemburg. These organizations include Solidarity and Socialist Action.

* Communist Democracy (Luxemburgist) * International Luxemburgist Forum * International Luxemburgist Network Critique Sociale

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