Maoism is a political theory that mixes orthodox Stalinism with Populism.

Named after its originator, Chinese Communist Mao Zedong, the ideology relies on militant, insurrectionary and populist strategies in movement organizing (People’s Wars, Cultural Revolution, Peasant Uprising, etc). Once in power, however, Maoists tend to install a traditionally corrupt Stalinist regime — bureaucratic, totalitarian, militaristic, and dictatorial.

Like Joesph Stalin, Mao’s China relied on Five-Year Plans, the best-known of which was "The Great Leap Forward". Maoists also believe that the world socialist revolution will begin in the "Third World" (the under-developed and developing sections of the world). Today, Maoist parties include the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), the Communist Party of Peru, the Russian Maoist Party, and sections of the Chinese Communist Party. In America, the Revolutionary Communist Party, Maoist Internationalist Movement, and Freedom Road Socialist Organization are all Maoist.


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