The Socialist Worker is a name of several Socialism and Communism newpapers and online sites. It is a daily website, and the newspaper is published bi-weekly. It publishes the news from a Socialist perspective.

United Kingdom Edit

In the U.K. the Socialist Worker claims to be the most widely read socialist newspaper in the U.K., however the Morning Star most likely to be the most read. It's circulation is around 8000. It is published online for free.

United States Edit

The Socialist Worker in the USA was founded in 1977. It became a daily website on May 2008. It's website may be viewed for free.

Canada Edit

Socialist Worker is twelve pages and printed in black and red. Its circulation is estimated to be 1200, according to IS members. A French-language monthly, Résistance!, is also published by the IS and claims a circulation of 300, most of it in Quebec. Like the others it may be viewed online for free.

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