Stalinism is a form of communism practised and exported by Joesph Stalin. Stalinism in the media has since become synonymous with communism. Leon Trotsky and his followers were and remain the biggest critics of Stalinism from the leftwing. Shactmanites are also very critical of Stalinism and many see it as worse than capitalism.

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Known as Marxism-Leninism. While claiming to uphold the traditions of the ideologies, Stalinism institutes a vast bureaucratic hierarchy, stunts or destroys free speech and liberties, and completely centralizes the executive structure of the nation — usually around one demagogue. Socially, economically, and politically, Stalinism shifts chaotically from purist, ultra-leftism (violent collectivization of farms and other property, purging of non-Stalin leftists, the "Third Period", etc.) to reactionary conservatism (militarism, patriotism, anti-Semitism, the Popular Front, and strong persecution of civil dissent). Stalinism is one of the two main forms of Leninism (the other being Trotskyism). Economically, Stalinism relied on Five-Year Plans, a highly centralized and collectivist strategy of production planning.

Politically, Stalinism practised nationalism, believing in "Socialism in one country" (as opposed to Trotsky’s world Permanent Revolution). Strong Stalinist governmental policies were the norm in the USSR from 1923 until 1954, when Nikita Khrushchev began attempts to "de-Stalinize" Russia — causing a split with Maoist China.

After Stalin was criticized by Khrushchev, many Stalinists changed their labels; these new labels included Maoist, Hoxhaist, Kimist, or simply Marxist-Leninist. Many Marxists of the world’s Left blame Stalinism for beginning the chain of events which eventually led to the destruction of the Soviet Union.[1]

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