Form of Leninism based on the regime of Marshal Tito (1892-1980), the late Communist leader of post-World War II Yugoslavia. While a Communist nation, Tito demanded that his country remain independent of both the capitalist organization NATO and the Stalinist Warsaw Pact. Tito’s Yugoslavia called for "national unity" and "self-management", giving them strong independence during the Cold War and a strong sense of Pan-Balkanism. Thanks to Tito, Yugoslavia became probably the most humane and most autonomous government in Eastern Europe. However, Tito failed to make a complete split with Stalinism the way some Trotskyists had hoped. Titoism's support for national unity did serve a purpose for the socio-politically unstable climate of the Balkans. This can be seen by the fact that shortly after the end of the Titoist government, Yugoslavia began to break up in ethnic and civil wars.

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