Workers' Struggle
Created: 1956
Political Ideaology: Trotskyism, Communism
Leader Robert Barcia, Arlette Laguiller spokesperson

The Workers' Struggle Party is a communist party in France. It currently holds no representation in the legislature. It did have a significant polling in 2002, with 5 percent of the vote but more recently they have only gained 1.33 %. This left the party bankrupt. Their is some talk that they and other Communist parties in France will join together in coming elections. In the local elections in 2008, Lutte Ouvrière broke with tradition by joining the Socialist Party led slates from the first round of the elections in a number of towns, preferring this tactic to the more usual option of cooperating with other far left groups to run a joint election campaign. Because the organized minority faction supported some lists opposed to those of Lutte Ouvrière, Lutte Ouvrière suspended the faction from the organization.

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